About Us

Shoestosee.it is created by a team of Italian professionals with a long experience in the shoe and leather goods world.
Heart of our service, since 2007, is a direct and practical support to stylists, producers, salesmen and retailers.
People who work in shoe and leather goods fields have no time to read long reports. In Shoestosee.it “White” is clearly white and not “the non-color” or “soul purity essence”. Color “Black” is simply black and not “ the sky in a winter moonless night”.
We look after practice and leave theory to other ones.
Our subscribers get a prompt service to help them giving the best products to their clients.
Consumers are judges, for them “White” and “Black” are precise concepts, there is no need to waste words to describe them.
This promptness comes from the different sections to focus on needed information.

You may find in Shoestosee.it:

New Materials

All the components you need to make your products. Not an easy reportage from  the exhibitions but an exhibition daily on line all year round. Find below every pictures the references of the producers for immediate contact.

Fashion Shows

Photos shot on the main world fashion catwalks and inside showrooms.

In Shops

In this section there are photos, shot by us  in the windows and inside best stores. From top level ones to “low cost” ones with no exclusion;  this section is constantly updated.

The Latest

Direct contact to top European retailers allows us to regularly select and show  the top selling styles.  An effective trend selection.

Stores Interior

In this section you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the stores.
From classic and elegant, to modern and informal.
Constantly updated.

History & Vintage

From origin to early 2000. History of shoes, bags, fashion. Past times come to a new life.

In Shops Analysis

Books including developing trends according to the sales of European most important stores.

Fashion Trends

Books show main trends needed to develop future collections.

Inspired Colors

We show a selection of colors.
A first anticipation that we’ll develop in Fashion Trends.


All Shoestosee.it subscribers may download and save books and albums on their computer.
Every book or album can be separately purchased by every site visitor.